Innovation &
Creativity Processes

Real innovation doesn’t happen by edict or by hoping it into existence. We use a set of results-oriented processes to help teams empathize with customers. Our clients create solutions based on the real, underlying needs of customers.

Some organizations seek innovation when facing a fundamental threat to their existence. Others use it to improve and become more responsive to customers.

We offer two basic options in our creativity and innovation practice. First, we can facilitate innovation processes. This option works best for one-time, specific needs. Second, we can work with you to build organizational capacity for innovation. The second option builds organizational skills to “own” innovation and creativity.

When we focus on building capacity, organizations experience a long-term shift in their fundamental way of doing work. They increase their tolerance for ambiguity. Serving customers becomes the first priority while organizational needs becomes second.

We use the following tools and processes
Design Thinking
Prototyping and Testing
Organizational Implementation of Innovation
Capacity-building for Innovation
Appreciative Inquiry and Strength-based Approaches


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