Design Thinking: A Bootcamp Intensive

Four 2-hour sessions


Design thinking provides a collaborative approach for deeply understanding service recipients’ needs. Organizations can use design thinking as a human-centered approach to transforming programs and services. Design thinking arose to provide human-centered solutions through a deep focus on user needs and empathy. Through this user focus, it provides a powerful method for transforming service delivery.

As organizations grapple with post-pandemic needs, they face new challenges in delivering essential services. Design thinking offers a structure for purposeful designing for the user. You can use it to help stakeholders imagine services from the perspective of the person who experiences the services. In this hands-on course, we’ll give you foundational knowledge and skills to facilitate basic design thinking processes.

In this hands-on course, we’ll give you foundational knowledge and skills to facilitate basic design thinking processes. We use a modified version of the Designing for Growth model. You’ll use and experience key tools in the five-cycle process:

  • What Challenge?
    • Scope the Problem or Opportunity
  • What Is?
    • Research the Space
    • Empathize with Users
  • What If?
    • Brainstorm Solutions
    • Develop Concepts for Consideration
  • What Wows?
    • Test Assumptions
    • Prototype Rapidly
  • What Works?
    • Co-Create with Users
    • Launch a Learning Experiment

For each cycle, you’ll practice it with other participants.  After the class, we provide you with a comprehensive set of practical templates for facilitating design thinking with groups.

In this hands-on training, you’ll gain experience using design thinking to address an actual organizational challenge. By the conclusion of the session, you should:

  • Understand the fundamentals of design thinking and human-centered design
  • Complete an actual empathy-focused design process with a team of colleagues
  • Identify opportunities for using this process after the training

For in-house trainings, this is an ideal course for teams working together to collaboratively solve a problem with a process, service, or product. Or, it can also be used with individuals from various departments, groups, or organizations.

During this fast-paced session, you’ll learn:

  • Why? Design Thinking
  • What? Guided Practice in Tackling a Real-life Design Challenge in Your Team
    Using the five-cycle design thinking process.
  • How? To Continue Using It




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